548: Ticket to ride Europe

Key data

Category: HG - Special board games for hire

Location: I (In library)

Instructions: Ticket_to_ride_rules.pdf

Age range: Adults only

Number of pieces: 405

Number of unique pieces: 18


1 Gameboard

1 Instructions

45 Blue coloured train cars

45 Red coloured train cars

45 Green coloured train cars

45 Yellow coloured train cars

45 Black coloured train cars

3 Blue coloured train stations

3 Red coloured train stations

3 Green coloured train stations

3 Yellow coloured train stations

3 Black coloured train stations

110 Train car cards (12 of each colour, plus 14 locomotives)

40 Regular route cards

6 Long routes with blue backgrounds

1 European express card

1 Scoring card

5 Wooden scoring Markers (1 of each of the 5 players colours)

Sponsor: Rangitikei District Council

Description: ***Please ensure all pieces are present before returning***

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: The pieces in this game are not marked with a toy library ID. Please take care of them and pack them away when they are not in play.

Common picture warning one: Rdc logo